The Sultan's Breakfast Game Privacy Policy

  Please take a few moments to read the following policy so that you understand how we manage your information. As we continually improve and expand our products and services, we might also update this policy, so please check it periodically.

  This Privacy Policy applies to all Jules Code and AlfaCars Code (collectively called "we") mobile games and apps available through the Google Play Store (collectively called "our games"). This Privacy Policy describes how and what information "we" collect, how "we" use it and your rights and choices regarding this, including how you can access and update such information.

  Your use of "our games" constitutes your Agreement to our Terms and Conditions of use, and acceptance of this Privacy Policy and your consent to the practices it describes.

Types of Data Collected: Personal Data

While using our games, at the present time we do not collect ANY personal data that may be used to contact or identify you.

Retention and transfer of data:

As we do not collect any data from you, we also do not retain any of your data for any length of time. We won't be transferring your data to any other parties at any time.

Disclosure and security of your data:

At no time will your data be disclosed to any company or law enforcement institution, as there is no data collected to disclose. Be assured your data is 100% secure. This Privacy Policy fully complies with GDPR.

Contact us:

Should you have any questions about this policy you can contact us at