A short talk about EMPATHY in the modern day

It seems religious people can be easily upset, no matter what their religion is.

So I was talking to a couple friends about some recent happenings in Australia, where a white person shot and killed ~50 muslims in a mosque. And we realised the world does not show it cares as much about muslims getting killed than it does about christians.

And then, my friend Alex went on an EPIC RANT, which I will reproduce exactly below. Please, ejoy the wisdom:

"Of course you care more when a white person dies than when a brown one does. And it's not because you hate brown people or something, it's because the white one reminds you of yourself. And that's what all this fake empathy and crying on social media is about these days, it's egocentrism. You put yourself in the victim's place. OMG that could've been me, cause I'm white too!

Just because you empathise with 100 more types of people than I do, does not make you better than me, as long as you don't do anything useful for them. Going OMG dark skinned peeps matter and changing your profile pic to a country's flag does not count. You're being noble when you DO something to help. So ease off with your crying on the internet, because that's not about the victims, that's about YOU! The primate IN you is scared because other primates like it are dying. And the primate thought it's immortal. It sucks when other primates destroy your immortality dreams by dying in front of you.

But seriously, what are we changing our profile pics to today ? I don't want people to think I'm not a sensitive person or something. "

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