Can you make a word out of these letters?

Yesterday's Countdown got viewers a bit surprised with the appearance of a rude word. Contestants Rob and James were going head to head when these letters came out at random. As Rachel Riley turned over the consonant and vowel tiles it was quite clear what word could be made out of them.

Both contestants seemed to submit the same word, and it was the one you were thinking of. Rob said: "A bit of a rude seven." and James then followed: "Yeah, I have got a certain seven as well." Obviously, the word they got was "wankers".

To no surprise, Channel Four had to bleep out the word and blur the letters on the board. Susie Dent then added that "workman" or "workmen" would have got the same points.

It was not even the first time a swear word came up on the board. Here's just another example of it in the video below:

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