CHAOS! Exeter Street Viaduct closed for SEVEN weeks from this morning!

Traffic chaos continues with another road closure: Exeter Street Viaduct will be closed for SEVEN weeks from today.

According to plans to further the construction of the new cinema complex on Bretonside, there will be road closures in place around the development. This includes B3240 Exeter Street Viaduct, which is planned to be closed for seven whole weeks, starting today (Monday, 20.05.2019).

Notices had been put up two weeks before the planned closure.

This 140 metre carriageway connects the two roundabouts at Charles Cross and St. Andrew's Cross. South West Highways Ltd were appointed by Plymouth City Council to remove the existing road surface, waterproof it and then resurface. Pavements will be covered with granite slabs and all existing bollards upgraded in order to match the improvements and new design of the new cinema building, Drake Leisure centre.

Ongoing roadworks will mean the road will be completely shut for inbound traffic from today until the 7th of July.

Diversion detail. Trying to avoid these roadworks will take you around the whole city centre. (Image credits: PCC)

When work on the inbound carriageway is finished, it will switch to the outbound side for a further 10 week period. The right turn out of the Drake Circus car park is also closed for the next five weeks as part of the Charles Cross Transport Improvement scheme. More info can be found on the Plymouth City Council's website here:

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