Did you know there's a Crypto Club in Plymouth?

First of all, what's crypto? Crypto currencies are digital versions of real money, based on decentralized control that's completely separate from banks. The most popular and well known crypto currency is Bitcoin, launched in 2009.

Plymouth's Crypto Club was founded by Jia Hailan, who works for Coinness, one of the largest blockchain and crypto news aggregator in China. The group focuses on entry-level discussions about cryptocurrency and blockchain, new developments in the industry and of course how and why to trade these assets.

At the time of writing, the Plymouth Crypto Club has 14 members and is open to anyone who is genuinely interested.

Also, if you were wondering where you could buy crypto currency with British Pounds, here's a useful map: Coin ATM Radar. As of 12.04.2020, the nearest crypto cash machine is in Chudleigh.

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