Driverless taxis have hit the streets of London. Is Plymouth next?

This week driverless taxis have begun ferrying real customers on the streets of London, before a full roll-out in 2020, which will see driverless taxis become a norm in the capital. But will they be coming to Plymouth any time soon?

Well, the short answer is NO.

Why? It's not economically viable for the companies at the moment. That is why we believe Uber has not yet showed up in Plymouth either, despite promising many times to launch their operation in the city.

The driverless taxis from London were designed by Oxbotica, an Oxford based company that produces autonomous vehicles and is currently working with Addison Lee, one of London's biggest taxi operators. Their estimate is that the full roll-out will happen before June 2020.

Also this year, the UK’s first full-size autonomous bus had its first public demonstration in Birmingham.

These "driverless" cars will still require a supervisor behind the wheel, able to take control at any point.

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