Have you tried Plymouth's newest European Grillhouse?

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

We have!

Last week I was invited to our friend's new restaurant, A.I.R Grillhouse, in Plymouth's bottom of town. It's located at 30A Western Approach, opposite Toys R Us, with the entrance in Colin Campbell car park. It's a family run business, and RG and AG have put in a lot of work to make the place look great.

I was greeted in a very friendly manner by RG behind the bar, and noticed the restaurant is quite roomy, and also has a dancing space. The colour scheme seems to be red, black and white, which I later found out represents RG's favourite football team.

While browsing through the menu, I was quite impressed with the variety of food, there are some tasty specialties from all over Europe in there! There are many cocktail options, with very reasonable prices, and a good list of alcoholic and soft drinks.

The grilled meats looked delicious, but I decided to go for some pasta, so I would have less calories to burn off in the gym later. I asked the chef to add a little extra to the recipe and they said it wasn't a problem. The food arrived shortly and it looked like a Michelin Star chef made it. It was also amazingly tasty and I could tell the ingredients were great quality. I asked where they source the ingredients and they assured me that no frozen products were used, and locally produced meats and dairy is used when possible. To end it all, I also enjoyed a cheeky cocktail, which was divine and very reasonably priced!

I was very satisfied with the location's appearance, the food and drinks, and service was quite quick, so overall I'd give it a 4.8 out of 5. I'm surely going to come back and try some of the other dishes and I think you should too!

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