Here's why JD's Grill has suddenly shut

Thomas Monnington had only taken over the American-style burger and steak restaurant JD's Grill in January this year, but has recently announced on their Facebook page that they will be shut for the foreseeable future.

Popular Plymouth burger restaurant JD's Grill announces it will be shut 'until further notice' (Image credit:

Originally opened back in August 2012, the restaurant located in Derry's Cross, Plymouth, was a local favourite for its American-style burgers, steak and barbecues, all prepared with locally-sourced ingredients.

JD's used to be a very popular choice for plymothians

Upon taking over the venue early this year, Mr Monnington claims he has realised there was an "unknown inherited debt". He also argumented that the "current climate at the bottom of town" was one of the reasons that forced closure.

Tripadvisor users shared pictures of JD's Grill food, highlighting the size of the portions (Image credit:

In an interview for PL, he said: "I took over at the end of January with the hope of the regenerating and sorting JD's Grill. We made the business more valuable and spent 12k on a refurbishment, which included a big job sorting all the electrics.Not everything is as it seems and I'm very disappointed with how things have ended."

He has thanked customers for their support in the short time that he was manager of the eatery.

Mr Monnington said he would "not rule out opening" at a different location sometime in the future.

We will miss JD's amazing food and we hope the location will not stay empty for long (Image credit:

Hygiene inspectors visited the restaurant in February 2019, handing the new manager a five out of five hygiene rating for JD's Grill.

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