Horrible assault on Plymouth taxi driver left him afraid to go back to work

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

On the evening of Friday the 5th of July, black cab driver SP was assaulted by a customer on a journey from Plymouth's city centre to Plymstock.

SP's injuries and the damage to the taxi pictured here.

On the date, SP picked up a couple (male and female) in his hackney carriage taxi, for fare to Honcray, Oreston in Plymstock. On the way, the customer asked to stop for cash at the HSBC cashpoint at the top of town. When they arrived at Honcray, SP informed his customers that the fare was £8.80.

The aggressor managed to break the protection screen of the taxi, which is hardened plexiglass.

At that point the male customer said he has no idea how he ended up in the taxi and said he will not pay anything because he doesn't have any money on him. SP reminded him they already stopped at a cashpoint, and asked if he needs to go to a cashpoint again, to which the male customer said he will not pay, and that he wants to go back to town to get another taxi. The female customer started to argue with her partner, asking why he won't pay, as she knew he had the money for it. The male customer replied "Because he's a f#cking immigrant and a f'ucking foreign c#unt". He started being very agitated and smashed the protection screen of the taxi. He then proceeded to punch and kick SP, causing the injuries pictured above. SP managed to jump out of his own car and run. He then called the police.

SP has several cuts to the back of his head from the incident.

When police arrived at the scene, they found the male customer on the ground, 100 yards away from the taxi. His lady friend said he had money to pay for the fare, and took £45 out of his pocket. Unfortunately, police claimed that SP needs proof for the investigation to go any further. Police have also told the male customer that if this goes to court he might lose his job. SP's car was not equipped with CCTV at the time of the incident and now he is afraid to go back to work and has severe sleep problems.

SP is 32 years old, is married and has 2 young girls, aged 5 and 9. He has been a taxi driver in Plymouth for 7 years and never had any similar issues previously.

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