How did Russia cure all their infected and registered no deaths from CoronaVirus?

I should start by saying this post may not be 100% politically correct. I'm not even going to try, your life and health are more important that being PC.

The confirmed number of confirmed COVID-19 infected globally is now over 118.000 (as of 12.03.2020). Also, the official number of deaths is now over 4300.

Yet Russia, home to around 145 million people, the largest country on Earth, by landmass, and bordering 16 countries (including China!), has managed to cure all their infected and registered no fatalities. How come?

Russia acted quickly to prevent the spread, imposing draconic measures at all borders. All visitors and returning nationals were tested for the virus before entering Russia, facial recognition software was used to find and quarantine all that entered before these measures were put in place. They've stopped ALL imports and exports and non-urgent travel in and out of the country.

Below you'll find some snippets of their action plan, according to

22nd of January 2020 - Mandatory virus testing is imposed on ALL border entries, infected persons sent to quarantine. Medical masks and equipment exports are stopped, school events are cancelled, underground usage is limited to essential travel.

23rd of January - Chinese border entries are severely limited. All still tested before being allowed to pass.

30th of January - Moscow airport introduces thermal camera screening. China had 7711 infected and 170 deaths recorded at that time.

- The Russian Health Ministry announces a possible treatment for the infected, that had been proven effective on most of the persons quarantined so far. A previous version of this treatment had been effectively used to treat SARS in 2003 (which was another type of CoronaVirus).

31st of January - Russian Vice Prime Minister, Tatiana Golikova, announces ALL Chinese and Asian visas are cancelled and the borders with these countries will be shut with no exception. All trains, planes and other routes into Russia are stopped.

- Russians are warned about hygiene, told to avoid hugs and handshakes.

- The first confirmed cases in Russia emerge: 2 Chinese nationals that are said to have recovered already.

3rd of February - Fruit and vegetable imports from Asian countries are also stopped.

5th of February - 144 Russian nationals are evacuated from Wuhan and put into quarantine.

12th of February - A Chinese person is released from the Chita hospital in Siberia, after being declared fully recovered.

19th of February - the 144 Russians that had beeen quarantined have fully recovered and are released from the Siberian quarantine hospital after 14 days.

20th of February - Russian finance minister, Anton Siluanov, estimates that the CoronaVirus is costing Russia one million Rubles (£12,5 million) every single day over suspended Chinese trade routes.

23rd of February - 11 Russians aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship test positive and are put in quarantine. They would later recover and be released on the 8th of March.

27th of February - Russian Transport Minister suspends all flights from Nice, France and cancels all Iranian visas. Russians are told not to travel to Italy.

28th of February - 88 foreing nationals are deported from Russia for breaching quarantine protocols.

- All visas for Iranians, Italians and South Koreans are cancelled.

2nd of March - the first confirmed case of CoronaVirus infection in Moscow, is put in quarantine and later released on the 6th of March.

3rd of March - In Moscow's underground people are subjected to temperature checks.

6th of March - An estimated 51.000 tests have already been carried out, all positive subjects have been put in quarantine, with some already recovered.

11th of March - So far Russia has stopped all travel from China, South Korea, Iran, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong and a few other Asian countries.

- The International Security Conference scheduled for 22-23 April in Moscow is cancelled. Over 1000 officials from 115 countries were supposed to attend.

- Vladimir Putin takes this opportunity to push forward Constitutional amendments that would extend his term as President until 2036. The State Duma (Parliament) approves it (383 votes for, 43 non-votes, 24 absentees and NO votes against). The document also needs to be approved through the Russian Federation Council, Constitutional Court and Referendum scheduled for April 2020.

12th of March 2020 - Russia confirms there are still 28 active cases of CoronaVirus infected persons in total on its territory.

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