How will life in britain change after the CoronaVirus pandemic?

This may be one question that a few of us have considered asking, while others panic buy and hoard everything they think they'll need in the next months.

Users on have expressed some opinions on this matter. Here's what Paul M Calvert, Author of Imperium Betrayal, thinks could happen.

  1. "Grandparents will be treasured more.

  2. Divorce rate will rocket

  3. Nine months on we will see a baby boom

  4. People will keep larger stocks of essentials

  5. Larger reserve capacity for ICU beds and ventilators

  6. More funding for the NHS

  7. Far tighter pandemic rules.

  8. Greater uptake of flu vaccines and vaccines in general

  9. Less strain on NHS as many health compromised patients will have died.

  10. Tax increases, maybe even ring-fenced for the NHS

  11. Fewer foreign holidays, especially cruises

  12. Endless crappy books, films and documentaries about the virus and its effects."

Other users have gone into more detail, such as Mish Armo, a British teacher. Her view includes the following list:

  1. "Reduction in Sexually Transmitted Infections due to pubs and clubs being closed and therefore reducing the opportunities for shagging strangers with a dubious sexual history.

  2. A totally revamped exam system. If we manage without certain exams for a year, then maybe we can manage without exams forever.

  3. Reduction in Norovirus and other illnesses that are caused through poor hygiene.

  4. Greater appreciation of social contact; family and friends matter.

  5. Greater appreciation of schools as a fantastic and free baby-sitting service.

  6. Greater appreciation of our homes and gardens.

  7. Increased addiction to online gaming and gambling, particularly for children.

  8. A new appreciation that financial profit is not the only factor for success and is sometimes quite despicable.

  9. Greater opportunism - living for today - because tomorrow is a long way off and might never come.

  10. The new way to party is to Facebook (or whatever!) Party! Here’s a snapshot of ours from last night! The filters are so funny. We had a great laugh!"

Tony Heagren, Photographer, has added: "HOME WORKING It turns out that a LOT of people actually can work from home and there are advantages for them personally and (once this is all over) for the companies they work for. Post Corona I predict a LOT more people will work from home and will want (or even demand) to work from home. This is something business, the media and your mate in the pub has talked about for years but which has never been properly tried on a large scale - as it turns out that the economy won’t collapse if people actually do it, actually do use video conferencing, actually get an extra hour for a decent breakfast, and some time with the kids instead of a sweaty ride on the Tube - what’s not to like? Expect a lot of empty office buildings as thousands of companies realise they can get away with not having to buy or rent property but instead have many or most of their staff working remotely."

What are your thoughts on our post-pandemic future? Let us know in the comments or tell us on our Facebook page.

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