Is Plymouth a good place to live for medical / Pharmacy staff?

Today we're going to tell you the story of Tom, a community pharmacist, who was born and raised in Plymouth. Like many young people, he shot off to London at the age of 18, thinking the big city is the right place for him. After a while he realised London could not match Plymouth's quality of life and didn't offer the same kind of opportunities. He found that there was a real shortage of pharmacists in the South West, which made it easy for him to find the perfect job, and also enabled him to get a role in the Clinical Commissioning Group.

He also found the quality of accomodation in Plymouth was far above what the Capital could offer, within the same pricing. Tom also praises local restaurants, nightlife and transport links. We moan about traffic jams in Plymouth, but let's be serious, compared to London, we're quite lucky down here. Like Tom mentioned, we're very lucky to be so close to the Moors and numerous beautiful beaches.

Tom says he loves Plymouth because it's very different from so many other places. "It's a collection of large villages all pushed together", he says, while listing the top of town, the trendy Royal William Yard, the busy Pannier Market and others.

While Tom is overjoyed with living in Plymouth, and we fully understand his reasons, we've found others may not be so happy about their life here. For example, Derriford staff shortages are putting a lot of pressure on nurses, doctors and all other personnel working in our big hospital. This Daily Mail article notes that on one occasion only two junior doctors were left to care for more than 400 patients overnight.

Another shocking story tells us about a junior doctor who felt the need to take her own life with drugs from the hospital, probably pushed to her limit by an increasingly stressful work environment.

Our last bit of info is a list of expenses one might find useful when budgeting for a potential move to Plymouth. There figures are updated daily with input from real people living in the city.

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