KFC whistleblower leaks pictures of filthy "mice-infested" kitchen in St. Budeaux branch in Plymouth

-An ex-employee has shared "disgusting" pictures of the KFC in St Budeaux, Plymouth, Devon 

-He claims there was a 'massive pest problem' in the kitchen

-Former worker said the equipment was left on the floor and there was flour everywhere

The new KFC in St. Budeaux seems to have a hygiene problem, an ex-employee has revealed.

A former employee has turned to whistle blowing to expose the branch's "disgusting" levels of hygiene at the restaurant he used to work for. He used to work at KFC's fried chicken restaurant in St. Budeaux, Plymouth, and he claims the kitchen was an absolute mess.

The man, who did not want to be named, has told us he once opened the shop at 6am to find a 'mouse staring back at him'. He has since leaked pictures of the "shocking levels of hygiene", which show mouse droppings and flour all over the area where food is prepared.

Cleanliness does not seem to be a strong point at the KFC restaurant in St. Budeaux, Plymouth

The same Plymouth KFC restaurant previously faced similar accusations when a customer filmed a rat in the drive-thru. At the time the branch management insisted the issue is not with the restaurant itself and that the rodent problem was limited to outside of the store only. 

A box of KFC vegetable oil is pictured covered in flour and what appear to be rodent droppings.

The former employee has spoken out: "From the outside it looks clean but when you go behind the surfaces it's a different matter. The standards of cleanliness are so poor. There's a pest problem going on that they can't sort out. Pest control have been in but the mice keep coming back. "

The state of the flour that's being used to prepare food is not great and there seem to be rodent droppings on the top of the bag

The pictures show flour scattered over the kitchen, what appear to be mouse droppings on sacks of flour and shelving, as well as rubbish over the floors.

He also added: "They are breaking procedure by opening when they know mice are around. Pest control is meant to be called in straight away and the restaurant shouldn't open again until it has been cleared. If mice get into the flour then there is a high chance of contamination. I also saw them around the coffee machine and coffee cups which was worrying."

Equipment that is being used for food preparation is left on the floor in this Plymouth KFC

KFC management has reacted to the leaked pictures and said that "These photos simply don't reflect the state of the restaurant at all. The restaurant has the highest hygiene rating and was inspected just two months ago. We are currently trying to find out when and where these photos were taken." They have also confirmed pest control has been taking extra measures at this branch.

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