Millbay's regeneration is quickly unfolding

As part of Millbay's regeneration, a few exciting new projects are taking shape, all included in the next phase of the transformation of Plymouth’s former docksides at Millbay. One of them is the massive new block being built as we speak on the corner of Bath Street and Millbay Road, facing Plymouth's School of Crative Arts. Mayflower Court will host 80 affordable apartments for the community’s older people (10 two bedrooms will be for sale and 70 one and two bedroom apartments will be available for rent), and all the necessary amenities for their comfort. There will also be a restaurant/cafe and a hairdresser on the ground floor, all available to the public. The huge block will offer state-of-the-art facilities for all residents to enjoy, and will include rooftop dining, rooftop gardens and a wellbeing suite.

This is what Mayflower Court is supposed to look like, when completed

As work began in late 2017, following extensive planning, the seven storey building's frame is now (24th of April 2019) complete. Everything is going in accordance with the Millbay Masterplan and supports the city's need to create new jobs, as some prospective residents will require 24-hour on-site care.

Near Mayflower Court, work is progressing quickly on another block of flats: Quadrant Wharf, two six-storey blocks of flats and a row of stylish town houses. In total there will be 137 flats, most with stunning waterfront views. This new phase of the Millbay Regenaration project sits next to Quadrant Quay, the 102 home block built by Kier for the English Cities Fund and completed in 2015. While they will look quite similar, the new development is supposed to have a distinctive “rustic bronze colour”. Plans for the area also include two huge hotels, more flats, houses, shops, restaurants and a temporary car park.

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