New mini-shopping centre proposed for former Laira bus depot in Plymouth

Finally, redevelopment plans have been submitted for approval for the former Laira bus depot in Plymouth, currently derelict. If planning permission is given, there will be a new mini-shopping centre build at the location, which will include a Home Bargains store, a new Lidl, a hotel and restaurant.

Proposed plans for a new mini-shopping centre on the site of the former Laira bus depot. (Image credit: Hinton Group)

The plans were submitted to Plymouth City Council on June 19, and the new mini-shopping complex will be enclosed by Gdynia Way to the West, Laira Bridge Road to the South and Embankment Lane to the North-East, where the former Laira bus depot used to be.

Proposed by the Hinton Group, the masterplan shows the Marston's hotel and restaurant will include a beer garden, play area and terrace, as well as 22 bedrooms. The new Lidl discount food store will be 1,636 sq.m. and the Home Bargains discount store will be 1,702 sq.m., with 277 parking spaces.

Satellite imagery shows the location of the proposed shopping centre. (Image credit:

The application adds: "The application proposal seeks the redevelopment of the former bus depot at Laira Bridge Road to accommodate two A1 retail units and an A4 drinking establishment.

"The site is allocated in the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan for a mixed-use scheme on a site which has laid vacant for some 20 years - despite several permissions on the site. Whilst the council's aspirations for the site are admirable, these aspirations need to be balanced with the site potentially being left vacant for another 10 years or more, given the potential flooding and contamination issues."

"The scheme the subject of this pre-application would enable the remediation of the site, whilst also providing a significant economic boost to the area - bringing jobs and investment. "

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