Plymothian scammed by Paypal - seller protection is bullsh!t

Hi, I'm Plymouth Guide's admin, and I have been scammed. At the end of August I sold my old iPhone through ebay and got paid by Paypal. The next day I packed the phone safely and popped down to Stonehouse Post Office, to send it to Sri Lanka, as that's where the buyer was from. Little did I know, I would soon be left without the phone and the money.

Paypal claims they offer seller protection as long as you create the postage label through them and save your tracking information. What they don't tell you is that the buyer must declare he's received the item or else you're f*cked. That's something my phone's buyer already knew and was going to take advantage of. As soon as the deadline passed and he was able to raise a claim with Paypal, he did and immediately escalated it so he would receive a refund.

No sooner than the next day, Paypal accepted his claim, even though they had proof I paid for postage and sent the parcel. They then charged me the full amount, including their fees and refunded the buyer.

I have then looked online for people who had the same issue as me, hoping for a solution. I found out many Eastern European and Asian countries are known for this type of scam. They receive the parcel and arrange with the postman to declare it wasn't delivered, wait for the deadline and claim a refund. Paypal takes their word for it no matter what.

So what could I do? I appealed Paypal's decision, and got a reply the next day saying my appeal was denied because there was no proof the buyer had received the parcel. What about proof that I had sent it? They don't care. What about the seller protection they claim when using their postage system? They also don't care. So basically, they took my money and looked the other way.

Safe to say I won't be using them again, and I encourage you to stay away as well. Don't fall in the same trap as me.

Tracking details are here:

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