Plymouth Marketing - what are the prospects?

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Marketing is not a very hot topic of discussion in the South West right now, especially in Plymouth, although it should be. Why do we think it should be? Because marketing is the driving force behind our market economy. It sparks desire in the buyer's mind and it makes products and services more likely to be bought, while also creating more jobs and opportunities for the right people. Plymouth seems to fall behind in this category at the moment, but things are looking up.

FLUX is fast-paced enterprise competition that develops key employability skills whilst working on a real business challenge - An event held by Plymouth University to try and drive more students into employment, by proving their skills to employers in this area. Being able to demonstrate core business skills and sound commercial awareness is something that most employers look for when trying to fill positions in key areas of their company, such as finance, human resources, marketing and strategy/operations. As these areas are well sought after by many candidates, we think Plymouth Uni's FLUX event is a great way to jump-start your carreer.

Previously, FLUX teams have worked on challenges and scenarios provided by Babcock International Group, Barnardo's, Plymouth City Council, St Luke's Hospice Plymouth, Dartmoor Zoo, the RNLI, and Enterprise Rent-a-Car. 

This is what Emma Cieslak-Jones, BSC (Hons) Geology with Ocean Science student, said about her time with FLUX: "FLUX has been an amazing experience. It gives you something to talk about in every interview. When they ask about teamwork, or any of those questions you have in an interview, you can talk about FLUX when you're put on the spot. All the skills you learn in FLUX are perfect for when you're going to apply after university."

Their 2019/20 FLUX competitions will take place on the following dates:  Autumn FLUX – Wednesday 23 October 2019

Spring FLUX – Wednesday 12 February 2020

If you're thinking that Plymouth doesn't have a lot of options when it comes to marketing jobs, we'd like to prove that you might be wrong. A simple Google search reveals that there are at least 20 Marketing Agencies in Plymouth that have hired someone new within the last 12 months.

There's even a top 3 of Plymouth's best Marketing Agencies, made up by the Three Best Rated website. They featured Growl Creative, Crescent Digital and HRef Media.

If you own a business in Plymouth, you might have already tried their services, or maybe you've worked in the marketing field and know more than we do. Either way, we'd love to hear what Plymouth Marketing Agency is best in your opinion and what you think about how the marketing scene is unfolding in Plymouth. Let us know by commenting on our Facebook page.

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