Plymouth's arts café, Rumpus Cosy has now closed forever

The only artsy coffee shop at the bottom of Plymouth's city centre has closed until further notice on Saturday, 1st of June 2019. Located in Derry's Cross, Rumpus Cosy had been open for six years and served as one of Plymouth's creative hubs.

Rumpus Cosy was a very popular place for art-inclined Plymothians (Image credit:

Sadly, the management announced the café will be closed indefinitely, after its CEO has resigned. Darren Hempson, who has managed it for the last two years, said he is trying to focus more on his other projects, mainly his commitments to the music industry. Despite trying to find a replacement for many months, they could not find a suitable manager to take over the business.

Darren Hempson, CEO of Felber Foundation and former manager of Rumpus Cosy (Image credit:

Managing the unusual café proved to be a challenge throughout the years, as it has previously closed down and reopened while struggling to remain profitable. Darren recalls "I've seen days where we've only managed about £26 in a day or something ridiculous, versus an average of £300 or £400 on another day so that's been a challenge."

Plymouth will miss the vintage artsy look of the Rumpus Cosy café.

He also mentioned that a few factors led to the closure, including a lack of footfall, a lot of building work in the area and parking near the bottom of town being "a nightmare". But he still considers Plymouth a great city, saying there's "a million reasons why it's the best place to be in the world" and that he believes things will change for the better in the near future.

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