Plymouth's Milo Mackin wins Channel 4's SAS: Who Dares Wins

Milo opens up about the death of his brother Travis on the show (Image credits: Channel 4)

Plymouth's SAS: Who Dare Wins star Milo Mackin survived the harsh interrogation and passed the brutally intense course of military training.

The city water engineer broke down in tears as show's chiefs confirmed he went through 'with flying colours' even though his mental resilience was pushed to the absolute limit.

Milo also paid tribute to his brother Travis, who was sadly killed whilst serving on the front-line in Afghanistan in 2009. He chose not to join the military too because of what happened.

But he wanted to prove his worth and do Travis - and the rest of the nation - proud.

“When I was 15 I lost my brother in Afghanistan,” Milo said. “He stepped on [an explosive device].

“I thought it would be selfish of me to join the military.”

Milo grew up in Plymstock and went to Plymstock School. On the show, he wept and collapsed to the floor when he was told he'd got through.

In tonight's episode, he was screamed and shouted at and was even threatened with BURIAL at the hands of his prisoners.

His captors tried to wear him down more by taking advatage of his previous lack of confidence.

At one point Milo surprised his interrogator Liz and opened up about his brother - which seemingly disarmed her.

The aim of the game was to resist the heat of interrogations and not spill over vital military secrets to interrogators.

Sadly, Louise Gabbitas, a Royal Cornwall Hospital midwife, failed to make it through the test - dropping out early as the pressure intensified. But she was praised for getting so far through the series.

Tonight's show was the last of the series and proved to be the most gruelling, as the players endured psychological warfare tactics, stress positions, white noise and relentless grilling.

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