Mature student, book author and private hire driver bids for Romanian Presidency

Updated: May 22, 2019

Dan Cristea's campaign photo pictures him in front of Romania's National flag.

Daniel Cristea, a well intentioned children's book author which has embarked on a necessary, but moving journey to help all of our children to trade their gadgets habits to more outdoor activities, has started his campaign for the Romanian presidencial elections. Although he has lived in Plymouth for almost 10 years, his heart still beats for Romania.

Daniel has decided that this year could be the best to help his country as well, by putting his long accumulated experience and ideas to work for his Romanian people. Daniel firmly believes that Romania can have a brighter future and thinks the current political class in the country is failing to deliver this. Although many have laughed at his efforts thinking his chances are slim, bravery and determination to make things better keep driving Mr. Cristea forward and he has never considered stopping his campaign.

Daniel is a strong believer in God and treasures his life less than falling from his faith.

Dan Cristea with Romania's map in the background.

Romania is going through a troubled time at the moment, with international agencies reporting incredible levels of corruption. Mr. Cristea believes this has no place in an European country in 2019. He wants to step in and try his best to fix things. Daniel followed the advice of his many favourite "teachers", like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Ron, Lez Brown, John Maxwell, Will Smith, Tony Robbins and many others to follow his dream. His dream is to help his country in becoming a well deserved respected country among all the other nations.

Daniel is now trying to reach for a bit of help from his many mentors, in order to succeed in his venture.

He has been preparing for this for the past decade as well as getting in touch with few of these extraordinary men who gave him the drive to persuade his honest dream.

Mr. Cristea with his son (Image credit:

Dan Cristea is a father and a husband, has been working for many years as a taxi driver in Plymouth and has recently started studying Environmental Science at the Plymouth University. He has also written a children's book that teaches kids about protecting the environment, which he has published in five languages so far, with an additional nine translations coming soon. You can find it on Amazon here: The Children's Common Goal. His concern with the planet's future goes further, as Mr. Cristea also heads a foundation that encourages and teaches kids to plant trees and flowers.

Daniel is working hard to get his children's book and charity as known as possible in order to achieve a majority of children participation in planting trees and flowers every year of their lives on the 21st of March or any day they wish. Now his ambition is getting even further.

His campaign motto is "If we really want to, we can do it!" You can find his full info on his website HERE.

We wish Mr. Cristea best of luck in this endeavour and we will keep you updated on his progress.

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