"Plymouth - the toilet of England" says is a website that lets users post their opinions about the city they live in. While some may share the opinions on this website, we believe some are greatly exaggerated.

The two articles referring to Plymouth list most of Plymouth's areas and slag them off like you've never seen them slagged before. The first article, titled "Plymouth - the toilet of England" mentions Keyham as an area where "women with 5 kids by 7 different men reside" and you're very likely to be mugged. The frustrated author then goes on to say the Barbican is full of "used needles and blood stains".

Plympton is where the "local snobs" live "whilst wearing the exact same tracksuit as those who are currently sat on Mutley Plain getting their daily fix", according to their rant. He (or she?) goes on to say that Bianca (the initial name of the Messenger statue) was actually named after a prostitute in a Shakespearian play, and suggests putting her "down Millbay Road with the rest of them". Next up it's "budo", where people hang around the square, thinking they're " 'ard" and Greenbank, where drug addicts apparently live.

Last but not least, the author turns to Honicknowle, recalling (in a horrible English) how a young man set alight the community centre for a dare.

In the second episode, entitled "Plymouth: England's Cesspit", North Hill takes centre stage, where they say "the leeches and ravers known as students" piss against walls and glass eachother. North Prospect residents are referred to as "Scummy Swilly Chavs scrounging off the taxpayer".

They go on to say that Leigham is where "the local yobs riding their push bikes up and down, throwing paint stripper at passing cars and beating each other with hockey sticks", while also calling the nearby Asda "Chavster" and their customers "cunts".

Barne Barton is up next, the author recalls air rifle incidents, arson attacks and a torched vehicle that they think "has been there for at least the 8 years". Efford is said to be "a deprived area that has been run down by the alcoholics".

After finishing off with a rant about Plymouth City Council awful management (to which we agree in much part), the authors move on to our Cornish neighbours, saying that "on the weekends, we have to put up with c***s and inbred locals from towns such as Saltash, Callington, Liskeard, Launceston and Bodmin. I feel sorry for these people. Not only having webbed feet and 6 fingers, but also having to come to Plymouth for entertainment. "

Other articles include "Grimsby: The name says it all, Grim-sby, it's an utter dump", "Llandudno Junction - Haven for the primitive folk", "Stoke-on-Trent: A place devoid of intelligence", "Smacklesfield.. I mean Macclesfield" and "Southampton: How to visit above bar street and still leave with your wallet".

While they have mentioned that the content on their website is "for entertainment purposes only", we suspect many of you will be offended by what's been written. We can see a tiny side of humour, but there's also a very serious side to this website. Either way, we'd love to know your opinions and read your comments on this subject, you can tell us what you think on our Facebook page.

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