Subway underpasses - possible solution?

An irk for any city or town is dirty, dark and drab underpasses. They are intimidating at night time and could generally do with an uplifting makeover.

Birmingham Council offers an idea of what can be achieved with a little creativity and a small amount of funds.

A subway in Birmingham (pictured above) underwent a colourful transformation using LED lights. This not only enhanced the appeal of the location – becoming a talking/focal point, but it also provided extra light for locals that take the route by foot. Although its appearance is vivid and striking, implementing colourful LED lights aren’t as expensive as you may think - the whole thing costed under £4000 and is under full warranty for 12 months. Perhaps when it comes to subway underpasses, Plymouth's councillors could use a bit of inspiration from their Brummie counterparts?

We are not suggesting that every city subway should be turned into a magical place for people to stop and marvel, they are what they are, but if not decorative lighting many could do with a couple more lights to increase safety and clarity.

Who remembers the subway on Plymouth's Royal Parade?

I am personally convinced that underpasses and overpasses make traffic flow better and are safer and easier to use for pedestrians. I know I may not be a city planner, but I am saying this as a proffessional driver, with over 20 years of driving.

What's you opinion on subways and our city's council was of dealing with them? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook page.

You can also catch a short glimpse of the Royal Parade subway in this old video of Plymouth's city centre from 1992:

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