Driver says he got ripped off by Valley Road Garage

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Yesterday we were having our afternoon coffee when our colleague, S.T. came in the coffee shop. He seemed a bit upset so we asked what's wrong.

He told us he's going on holiday Sunday morning and he will be driving his family there. He told us he wanted to make sure his car was in top shape before he set off, so he took his Toyota Auris to Cleanspares Scrap Yard in Valley Road for a set of tyres, following a friend's recommendation. He went there trusting they would do a proper job, but when he got his car back he says his dashboard was all lit up with error codes. He suspected they broke something so he confronted them. He told us the person who fixed his car said they're not responsible and the car was like that when it came in. He claims they were verbally abusive and even tried to spit at him.

Being pressed by time, he rushed to Toyota's dealership to get the problem diagnosed, and was told it would be over £200 to repair. As he needed the car to be roadworthy in a few days, he paid the bill for the repairs, but told us he intends to take matters further and contact the police in order to take them to court for compensation. We're hoping he gets justice and the people in the wrong own up to it.

We've never used Cleanspares ourselves, so we wouldn't know what their services are like, but this following advice goes for any business out there: Keep your eyes peeled when you part with your car or any other valuables, as the proffessionals you are trusting with them might not be very trustworthy. You're better off checking twice and asking questions then and there when you're not sure about something. Remember, you are paying for a service or product, you shouldn't settle for less than what you paid for!

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