The most famous Plymouth band you've never heard of

A few days ago, while at work, I picked up Fergus (I'm a taxi driver). Fergus was going home after a long shift at his day job, which is managing a well known restaurant in Plymouth's city centre.

Talking about the weather and how fast Christmas was approaching, we drove past a pub, and ended up talking about live music. Fergus told me he's part of a Plymouth band called Drakes Island. He told me all about their struggles when they first started and how he wishes the local authorities would do more for Plymouth's music scene.

The band is doing okay now and they've actually scheduled a European tour for next year, to promote their new music to Germany, France, Spain and others.

Drakes Island are a psychedelic/folk band and their sound has been compared to artists such as A Blaze Of Feather, Pink Floyd and Bears Den. Their story starts when Fergus Tanner sought out lead guitarist Jamie Yost, bassist Olly Parker and drummer Matthew Gordon Price, creating a harrowing wall of echoed tones, swelling into the sound attached to Drakes Island. With hints of folky roots and existentially growing ambiance, the band have curated a sound that flows and drifts along the line of conformity in music.

We love their sound and we're sure you will too, so hop over on their socials, give them and like and have a listen!

Here's their Facebook page.

And here is some of their work, the streamable version.

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