The MS UK support group making a difference in Plymouth

Wednesday, the 29th of May 2019, was World MS Day.

Many celebrities have done their part to raise awareness about this horrible condition, including actress Selma Blair, largely known for her part in Cruel Intentions.

Selma Blair is one of the most important celebrities to promote World MS Day

But here in Plymouth, a 24 year old lady is showing us you don't need to be famous to give your support and make someone's life better. Amelia Ayres was diagnosed with the condition herself when she was 19, back in 2014. Less than a year ago she has set up a MS UK Facebook Support Group that has since proven very popular. It's now grown to almost 4400 members and welcomes people living with Multiple Sclerosis, caring for someone with MS, awaiting for a diagnosis or have family members with the condition, in the UK & Ireland.

Amelia Ayres is 24, from Plymouth, and has set up the MS UK support group

Amelia is a real fighter, staying positive against all odds. In a Facebook post she said: "Having a diagnosis of a chronic illness like MS can well & truly suck. But I always try to be as positive as possible. Even though I have to take 15 - 18 tablets a day & can't do what other people my age can do, I always try & think it could be MUCH worse."

She says "The MS Group is important, as many people with MS feel lonely and isolated. The group has constant posts, many members have made true friendships from the group and it's members."

Danielle is another active member of the MS UK Group

Danielle Rogers-Atkinson, from Devon, says: "I’ve been a member of MS UK since day one & I’ve found it to be really supportive when I’ve needed advice. Sometimes you just want to talk to people who understand what you’re actually going through & understand why something small might actually be a big deal to you. The MS UK Group is a place where you don’t feel different to everyone else."

We are very proud to see Plymouth and Devon ladies spearheading the fight agains MS, and we're sure their group will keep growing, in order to offer support to more people diagnosed with this condition.

Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page if you or someone you know has MS and if you will be joining this group. Tell us your story, it will certainly empower others to step forward and join the fight.

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