The Nowhere Inn has also announced it's closing! Plymouth's music scene is in decline

If you're a fan of the alternative scene in Plymouth, you'll no doubt have heard of the imminent closure of what is known as the alternative central of the city. I was quite shocked to read this a few minutes ago, and had no idea of their struggles until now, even though I drive past the place almost every work night.

The Nowhere Inn... Apparently, after a long legal battle to secure the future of this legendary public house, punks spiritual centre will most likely now be turned over to what we believe will be, more student housing.

This phrase has been overused in the last few months, but it seems like it's the true end of an era in Plymouth. Can this closure be opposed?

In a post on social media platform Facebook, the pub's manager has expressed their sorrow for this lost battle.

This bit of information was inspired by a Facebook page we follow, Plymouth-City-Council-WTF-are-you-up-to? and the article was structured similarly to their post covering the story.

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