The second high-street bank to close their Plymouth city centre branch

Following Lloyds Bank announcement, Santander confirmed they're also closing down their branch in Plymouth's city centre. The Lloyds branch at Derry's Cross is going to close on the 27th of August 2019. Due to decreased footfall and the lack of customers using the branch, Santander has decided that they will shut their branch on New George Street on December 5, 2019.

Santander officials have said "Over the last five years, we’ve continually invested in our branch network. All of our busiest branches across the UK have been refurbished and we’ve introduced improved services for our customers, including our new touch screen cash machines.

Increasingly however, more of our customers are changing the way they manage their money. As well as using our branches, more and more people find it convenient to do their day to day banking using online, mobile or telephone banking."

139 other branches will be closing as well across the UK.

However, Santander customers in Plymouth need not worry, as there is another branch quite close, the one on Armada Way.

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