The SOVIET hit list - Plymouth ranks high in the event of a nuclear war

Is it close to a nice local pub? How far is Lidl's and Aldi? Are the neighbours friendly?

These are some of the questions most people ask themselves when choosing a new place to live. But if you're from Plymouth, your top priority could soon be your survival chances in case a nuclear war erupts with Russia.

Will Putin start a nuclear war ? Image credit: The Daily Star.

So where should you move if you're not that keen on being blown to smithereens? Well, obviously, not Plymouth. Just kidding, but seriously, the main target would be the Dockyard. Devonport, Stoke, Keyham, Camel's Head and St. Budeaux / Barne Barton are all in very close proximity to HMNB Devonport Dockyard.

A map of Russian targets. Image credit: The National Archive.

During the 1970's, when the peak of the Cold War, top UK military officials drew up a list of the places which would constitute likely targets in case Russia decides to start an atomic battle. Plymouth ranked quite high, due to the strategic importance of the Dockyard. While the Midlands and London area have lots of possible targets, the South West list only includes a few, and Plymouth is one of the most important ones.

A nuclear attack would see 8 million Britons killed in the first day. Image credit: The Daily Star.

The report said that Russia was ‘unlikely to be inhibited by the question of ‘over-kill’ and that it would ‘probably take advantage of the surprise that could be achieved by initiating an attack from submarine’. The Joint Intelligence Committee suggested that the UK could be hit with a salvo of about 150 missiles. Brian Burnell, a researcher who found the documents, told news outlets that the report was written ‘dispassionately’ because it was only meant to be read by officials ‘If these attacks had all been carried out it would have left Britain in a heap of cinders,’ he also mentioned.

There have been threats made by both sides, that mentioned nuclear war. The UK is confident in its abilities to conduct such a battle, but Russia has also responded. A Russian lawmaker has reacted sharply to remarks by British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon about the UK’s readiness to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against “enemies,” stressing that the comments deserve a “tough response.” Below is a Youtube video about this subject.

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