Top 3 Oriental restaurants in Plymouth

(Image: Miles O'Leary)

Sizall (Derry's Cross)

Our scores:

taste: 4.5 stars

variety: 5 stars

atmosphere: 4 stars

SizzAll's boss Rosie Xie is always in the restaurant to make sure everything is perfect and always meets and greets customers with a smile. SizzAll is an oriental all-you-can eat buffet, with different dishes from Chinese, Indian, Thai and other Asian cuisines. It has some great reviews on TripAdvisor, the most commonly used phrase being "great value for money".

What an amazing couple! (Image source:

ZUZiMO!'s (Vauxhall Street)

Our scores:

taste: 5 stars

variety: 4 stars

atmosphere: 5 stars

Managed by our friend, Mohsen Mo and his lovely wife Zuzi, ZUZiMO! is a persian restaurant and tapas bar located close to the city centre and Barbican, just a short walk from Plymouth Drake Circus shopping mall and right next to Sutton Harbour. "Come in and relax with fresh, local & homemade dishes cooked by our chefs in styles from around the world.", Mr. Mo told us. They also cater for collection, Vegan or Gluten free.

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Toot (Mayflower Street)

Our scores:

taste: 5 stars

variety: 4 stars

atmosphere: 4.5 stars

Edmond Davari, who has run businesses in Plymouth for more than 30 years, invites you to 'Toot' (which means 'berry' in Persian) in Mayflower Street. “The food is very rich and it’s delicious too. We use a lot of saffron which really comes out in the flavours. It’s aromatic, healthy and very filling.”, Mr. Davari told Plymouth Live.

This is our personal list of favourites, and we have tried all of them many times. Tell us what you think about it and let us know what your favourites are.

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