We review New Style Barbers on Mutley Plain

Many of us go to Mutley Plain for a hair cut, as there are so many salons there. But when there's such a great selection of places to choose from, where do you go? I'll tell you a little bit about New Style Barbers.

A few years back when I started using them, they had recently taken over the shop and all the equipment was already in there. It was a bit old, and not the best quality, but they still did their jobs very proffessionally.

Since then, they've continually upgraded the equipment, improved the shop's design and decor, and kept delivering a great service to their customers. Managed by a team of great Kurdish people, the New Style Barbers salon has always greeted me very politely, with a smile on their face and offered me impecable service.

I prefer to go in the mornings, as it's not so busy as in the afternoons, but even then, you won't be waiting more than 30 mins to be served.

My personal opinion is that these gents do a great job and I'd recommend them.

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