We review the stylish new Portuguese restaurant on Union Street

On Sunday we visited the newest restaurant on Union Street! A Taskinha is a Portuguese restaurant that just opened last month, in the former Caracamp shop, opposite the old Millenium building (now GOD TV).

Elsa Rio and the newly opened bistro A Taskinha! Image credit: Facebook.

Pedro and Elsa Rio used to manage a popular café and shop next door to the new restaurant, but decided to move over as the new location is four times bigger and offers so much more opportunity. We walked in and immediately noticed a lot of authentic details, traditional motifs and some stylish decor. Pedro told us that all the renovation was done by his own hands, and most of the materials used were repurposed from the old shop.

We thought we'd see the whole place before we pick our seats, and were very surprised by the actual size of it. There's a café style part at the front, then as you walk past the tills and deli-filled fridge, you'll see an open-style kitchen where you can see Pedro in action, but then you'll notice a huge seating area with a cosy rustic/traditional theme towards the rear. There's acoustic guitars on the walls and even a big screen where you can watch Portuguese TV. You might not notice it, but at the back there's a small piano. We asked Pedro if he could play us a song, but he said he's still learning and not confident enough to try it in front of other people just yet.

This map of Portugal caught my eye.

We've enjoyed two different meals, cooked on the spot and from scratch. The taste is unique and the authentic flavours were really up our street, although the service was a bit slow.

One of the dishes we tried was the Omelette with Chorizo and Cheese. It came with a choice of two sides, and I got the chips and salad. All this for £9.95!

Pedro used to be a chef in Portugal, before he came to England in 2003. Initially the settled in Ipswich, but soon moved to Plymouth. They opened their first café back in 2011, as they wanted to run their own business and felt the need to bring the Portuguese community together. Taskinha or tasquinha means small tavern/bistro in Portuguese.

We believe the new restaurant has a unique feel and their passion will ensure it's a big success.

The Plymouth Guide team wishes them good luck, and we'll be sure to visit again very soon.

Oh and they make a great coffee too ;)

You can get all the info on this restaurant on their website or their Facebook page, their physical address is 55 Union Street, Plymouth. Let us know what you think when you try their food, comment on our Facebook page.

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