Were the local elections rigged in Plymouth 2019 ?

Plymouth has cast its vote for the local city council elections on the 2nd of May this year.

We previously wrote about the very close call in the Drake Ward, where Labour's Chaz Singh won by 859 votes against independent candidate Steve Ricketts' 846 votes. This situation where only 13 votes made the difference has prompted Mr. Ricketts to challenge the result.

Plymouth City Council have apologised and said they made a mistake, but the result was not affected.

After initially denying that there were any problems with the results, procedures or any other part of the elections, Plymouth City Council has now admitted there was a procedural error that caused between 304 and 1169 ineligible voters to have the possibility to cast their votes in this election. The numbers are so vague because the procedural error was not in place only this year, but since 2017.

Upon further inquiry, the Electoral Commission has found the reverse of this in the Peverell Ward, where a similar number of voters who were eligible could not actually vote due to the error.

Chaz Singh and Plymouth Labour celebrate keeping hold of their seats (Image credit:

While they admit the procedural error was reported and confirmed by the Electoral Commission, Plymouth City Council firmly believes no ineligible voters have actually cast their votes and no eligible voters were denied a vote.

We are not sure what to believe at this point, but we will keep an eye on the situation and update you on any new developments.

The distribution of power in Plymouth's wards (2018)

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