What do you miss most about 'old Plymouth' ?

Here's our top ten.

1. The China Garden, Derrys Cross (particularly lamb and shallots). 2. The Thai Palace (particularly my death row meal - Cod curry with crab fried rice) 3. The Spider's Web bar (side of Duke of Cornwall Hotel) 4. The Spanish Bar (Courtenay St) 5. Sam's nightclub (The Hoe) 6. Barberellas nightclub (rear of New Continental) 7. Sailing school late bar. (the Barbican - now Annabel's) 8. Jon's menswear (the old Drake's Circus) 9. Ravel shoe shop (next door to Jon's) 10. Speedway (the now long gone Pennycross stadium).

BONUS: The Big Wheel.

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