What times do parking officers work in Plymouth?

Many times we've parked in the "pay and display" car parks across the city. At some point, we were pressed by time and came back 5 minutes after the parking time had expired to find a ticket on our windscreen.

The dreaded sight of a yellow patch on your windscreen can be enough to ruin your whole day

Some of us raised our fists in the air and vowed it would not happen again. For many of us it did happen again. Mr. "Andrew", a user of the website has asked Plymouth City Council to disclose the working hours of their Parking Enforcement Officers in order to make sure when he doesn't need to worry about getting a ticket. Natasha White, from Plymouth City Council's Transport & Infrastructure department has replied to this Freedom of Information request with the details they hold.

Here is the information that we all need to see and know:

Plymouth City Council Civil Enforcement Officers work in a shift pattern. These shifts vary between 8am and 9:15pm on a Monday to Saturday basis and then voluntary overtime hours on Sundays from 9am till 6pm. For Civil Enforcement Officers there are two different shift patterns:

Early Shift – 8am until 5:45pm

Late Shift – 11:30am until 9:15pm

Whereas for a Civil Enforcement Supervisor there are 3 different types of shift patterns:

Early Shift – 6:30am until 4:15pm

Middle Shift – 7am until 4:45pm

Late Shift – 12:15pm until 10pm

Have you paid and displayed your ticket?

So, now you know what times they do and don't work and we hope this will make it easier and less stressful for you when you need to park your car in Plymouth.

We've also found out some enforcement officers can be quite rude, in some cases. Here is a video of an attendant giving a disabled vehicle a tickets, when apparently they shouldn't have. Tell us what you think.

Here is a list of council owned parking spots across Plymouth:

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